8 Tips for Emotional Stability

Hello there! Welcome back, it feels so good to be writing after ages! This one’s a short blog, from a draft I had written long back. I hope you find it useful, happy reading!

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1. Forgive for yourself, not for them. Forgive, but don’t forget; the classic forgive and forget principle doesn’t actually work. Stay away from trouble-makers and keep going without looking back.

2. When someone tries to hurt you, tease you or provoke you, simply think why they are doing it, what is their intention in doing it? If it’s simply to disturb, don’t get disturbed, be more focused, make yourself happy, laugh at their attempt. This will make them angrier and you will be the boss of the game.

3. Procrastination hurts, brings in guilt. Ask yourself if it’s worth anything in the long run. Would you he proud of yourself being the way you are?

4. Don’t keep your happiness in someone else. Achieving emotional independence is really difficult, but it is the need of the hour. It’s okay to be happy when someone is there for you, but its not okay to be unhappy when they’re not available. that’s the thin line between being social and being emotionally dependent.

5. Invest in yourself; focus on self-improvement. It is important to be a better version of you everyday to stay on top of the game.

6. Your tears are expensive; don’t waste them for petty things. Its okay to cry, but not every time. That only makes you an easy emotional target.

7. Set specific goals and move towards them. anything outside of those goals and your necessary personal life is a distraction. We live in a world of distractions. Thwart them off, they are not worth your time. Know what is a distraction and what is a necessary action. Spend your time and emotions on only that which is worth it in the long run. Don’t waste your emotions over distractions. Don’t let them decide tour emotional state, you decide it, you are the one affected by it, not those distractions.

8. Stop the blame game. In our anger, we tend to blame people easily before thinking twice. Think before you blame and start taking responsibility for your mistakes. This only increases your learnings and the respect people have for you while keeping your ego in check.




A quirky maverick who seeks pleasure in exploring the world learning new things everyday

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Shalini Kandan

Shalini Kandan

A quirky maverick who seeks pleasure in exploring the world learning new things everyday

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